Mildly Inflamed Johnson Juror



Hey folks! AOJ would like to warn you that he is a very mad agent, so if I don’t seem my usually jovial self, well, here’s why: 

I was taking my lunch break at work today, checking email. There was an email from a friend in Argentina who wrote: “My gosh, what’s happening?” Along with a link to a tweet she saw.

She wrote in English, so I knew it was more serious than usual—she wanted to be sure I got the message. The tweet contained a link to the appeal papers Monsanto filed today within the Court of Appeal of the State of California, First Appellate District, Division One. There was second link to something called a Motion for Judicial Notice. Here is some of the text of the motion:

Monsanto Company requests that this court take judicial notice of several posttrial [sic] communications (primarily emails) from jurors to the trial court, two local newspaper articles, and a paid full-page newspaper advertisement entitled, “Dear Judge Suzanne Ramos Bolanos, What is a Life  Worth?” – all of which were intended to pressure the trial court to reject its tentative ruling on the posttrial [sic] motions and uphold the jury’s $289 million verdict.” 

AOJ is one of those jurors and is mentioned in one of the articles. An op-ed by Neil Young and Daryl Hannah in the San Francisco Chronicle was also mentioned. I never saw the “What is a Life Worth” ad—how did I miss that?  

I read this motion with great interest. The fact that Monsanto made this motion is not surprising. I would sum it up the same way I have summed up many legal moves they have made in the Johnson case, the Hardeman case, and now the Pilliod case: They are grasping for straws. (They are out of bullets, so they can’t shoot themselves in their feet anymore).

Here’s the problem: A fellow juror noticed that our letters to Judge Bolanos were attached to the motion with un-redacted personal information. Full names, emails, and home addresses. I contacted the tweeter who took down the link and informed me that it was from a Bayer press release. Well fuck me.

So let’s just recap: Monsanto spies spied on prospective jurors during jury selection at the Johnson trial. When the trial was over, Monsanto attorneys called jurors and their family members for days. After the letters came out, Monsanto flaks took to social media to continue with the already tired accusations that the jury was “inflamed.” 

In fact, Monsanto continues to play the “inflamed jury” card in the appeal filing: “Although the sheer magnitude of the verdict is proof alone of  passion and prejudice, the record here makes it clear that the passions of the jury were deliberately inflamed by counsel.” 

Hey Werner Baumann,  the fact you bought a company that is literally using an entire planet as a guinea pig for a fraudulently tested weedkiller, one of a multitude of sins, makes the recent legal proceedings seem relatively civilized. That is over.


Have a fun day on Friday as Bayer shareholders hopefully shit-can you for buying Monsanto last year and sending their stock down over 30%! You reap what you sow.

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  1. Yep, grasping at straws! Their desperation shines through. Their argument that the trial judge was influenced is laughable, although I don’t blame you for being upset about the release of personal information. That is highly improper and I hope the court sanctions them for it.

  2. This woman loves AOJ. Yes. Releasing personal information. Now do we need a me law in U S about that!!! Yes!! Sanctions for hundreds of millions!

    We are NOT the greatest judicial system. We could be a lot better. But the juries are getting it RIGHT

  3. more fluff by MON/BAYER.

    its all for naught., Anything Bayer does in that direction is a sign that they are still at war. Not sure what the problem is, they knocked it down from $289mill to 79 . They got off easy . The worst is yet to come for Bayer.

    Bayer Excedrin headache number 1 ? Brent Wisner ( we love you Brent ) !!

    Note to Bayer , its California. you are going to lose , every time. We don’t like you . Nobody in Calif likes you . Go home and take your genocide spray with you . don’t come back again. In fact , go to hell , your place of residence. Use it on your own gardens . Not ours.

    yours truly , team humanity

    The feeling of seeing the mega giant twist and squirm and flounder makes me ecstatic. Like dancing with myself in the streets happy . Words cant begin to explain it . its actually happening in real time right now .

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