The Art of the Appeal

Bayer monsanto trial roundup glyphosate cancer

GG: Hold tight for the writeup on Closing Statements – working on it this weekend! In the meantime, AOJ has some news.

Hey folks, AOJ here with a quick update on Monsanto’s Motion for Judicial Notice in the Johnson appeal. I recently wrote about my distinct displeasure with the Johnson letter writers’ private information going out on Twitter after Bayer posted the un-redacted motion in a press release. Earlier this week I wrote to the Appeals Court justices expressing my concerns. 

I am happy to report that the motion was denied today. As for my concerns, the Appeals Court considered my letter but informed me in their ruling that my “request does not meet the requirements of California Rules of Court, rules 2.550 and 2.551, regarding confidential and sealed documents.”

Dang, I really should have taken that Intro to Rules of Court class as an elective when I was in art school.

Without further ado, here is my letter and the ruling on the motion:


  1. Really informative. What do those statutes say you should have done to prevent your personal information from being published? It’s really incredible to me. Do we need a statute to protect jurors more fully? Yes

  2. My first demonstration against the Viet Nam war was in 1963 as a UC Berkeley 19-year-old sophomore. I work with Veterans For Peace (associate, non-vet member of VFP since 2003). I have visited Viet Nam three times for a total of five months – focus on the death, destruction and suffering caused by the American War. VFP has gotten about a quarter of a million dollars to the Viet Namese Victims of our war – mostly Agent Orange sufferers. Individual Americans’ donations. Not “reparations” from our government, and certainly not a dime from the chemical corporations, Monsanto and Dow being the top chemical war crime perpetrators. All for profit, like today.

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