Glyphosate "Roundup cause cancer"

I’m busy celebrating!!!! You will get the blow-by-blow (and then some) from me this weekend. The reading of the verdict was a moment of deep emotion and I could not be more proud of Lee Johnson, the jury and the brilliant attorneys.

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  1. This is FANTASTIC news!!!! Thanks so much for all of your updates—they’ve been great! Do you know if there are any plans for a criminal prosecution? The Monsanto executives should seriously go to prison.

  2. well done GG great job. I am all so waiting on my day in court . and have the same heroes that represented Mr. Johnson may God bless us all and let this be the start of healthy food water and air all around the world

  3. I am so thrilled to hear about this amazing outcome. I was trying not to be too hopeful, but I am now truly thinking this could be the beginning of the end for glyphosate. A huge hearty thanks to Bobby Kennedy, Jr. and the entire team for a job well done! Bravo!!!

  4. I am so happy you were there to witness the verdict! I am sad that I had to leave and boy was I wrong about it going on into next week, but what a fantastic result. The Dream Team of plaintiff’s lawyers did it and kudos to that wonderful, hard working, and thoughtful San Francisco jury. Mr. Johnson and all the other “Johnsons” out there who have been poisoned by agrichemical companies have a shot a justice from here on out. Have a fantastic vacation!!

  5. Thank you GG for your exquisite reporting, as you know my husband, Dean passed away from Non Hodgkins Lymphoma due to Glyphosate poisoning, Dean Brooks, and I could not relax at all this week, on pins and needles awaiting this victory. You kept me right there in the courtroom, as my eyes and ears. When I read the verdict, I cannot put into words how I felt, tears flowed, joy over poured all at the same time. Soon, I hope, Dean’s case will be heard and I pray you are there doing what you do so beautifully. In my book, you and my dream team of lawyers are each important in his or her own right. Keep reporting your beautiful posts.

    Wishing you Miracles,

    Deborah Brooks
    Widow of Dean Brooks

  6. Thank you again for this exceptional coverage of the epic Monsanto trial. You have done an amazing & inspiring job! Congratulations to Michael Baum, Michael Miller, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and their winning team. As one of the official court reporters on this case, I can say I have never seen a more brilliant team of trial attorneys. It was an honor & privilege to work with them. In addition to their superb skills in the courtroom — they showed passion, commitment & HEART for their client DeWayne Lee Johnson, the thousands of others injured by Roundup, the the world population who will now be free of damages caused by “Monsanto’s malevolent & fraudulent acts.” God Bless them!

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