I am often asked what organizations I might recommend for more information on how to get Roundup and other chemicals out of your community, school and body. A few that I like quite a bit are:

Non Toxic Communities

Non Toxic Communities can equip you with the tools and research you need to present evidence of pesticide harm to your local governing boards. It is an excellent how-to guide for those determined to get Roundup out of your community.


Monsanto wanted to “beat the shit” out of moms because of the excellent work they do in spreading awareness of and providing solutions to health problems created by toxins including glyphosate and GMOs. I often work with the MAA team, and never fail to be impressed by their highly effective campaigns. Even if you are not a mom, all volunteer efforts are enthusiastically welcomed.


HFC is the dynamic organization that got the University of California schools to ban the use of glyphosate on campuses. The organization is now working to have chapters at more colleges and high schools. They are looking for student leaders to help run local chapters!


Washington DC based Beyond Pesticides offers comprehensive resources for those wanting to take action – they lead many calls to action, offer their enormous research library, and sponsor a long list of programs.