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As posted by Baum Hedlund, the following is the projected RoundUp trial schedule.

08/29/19 – St. Louis County Court – Gordon


Federal Multi-District Litigation (Ongoing)

Case Number: 16-MD-2741-VC

Title: In re: Roundup Products Liability Litigation (MDL No. 2741)

The MDL is a consolidation of all pre-trial proceedings for cases filed in the US Federal Court. Judge Vince Chhabria of the Northern District of California in San Francisco oversees the proceedings.

The next federal trial is set for May 20th, for the case of Stevick vs. Monsanto Company.


Pilliod vs. Monsanto Company

California Superior Court for the County of Alameda
Oakland, California

The plaintiffs are Mr. Alva Pilliod and his wife, Mrs. Alberta Pilliod. The couple alleges exposure to Roundup caused them both to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Verdict: Overwhelmingly for the Plaintiff

Award: $2.055 Billion






Hardeman vs. Monsanto Company

The Hardeman case is Case Number: 3:16-cv-00525

Verdict: Plaintiff (Unanimously!) Monsanto will likely appeal the decision.

Award: $80,267,634.10

The Hardeman case serves as the bellwether for similar cases filed by plaintiffs in Federal Court who claim that exposure to Roundup caused their Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.





DeWayne Johnson vs. Monsanto Company

The Johnson case is Case Number: CGC16550128

Verdict: Plaintiff (Unanimously!) Monsanto is currently appealing the decision.

Award: Originally $289 million, but decreased to $78 million.

The Johnson case serves as the bellwether for the thousands of similar cases filed by plaintiffs who claim that exposure to Roundup caused their Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.







  1. Hello there at GG. My name is Marc and i am Belgian .Since a little bit more then a year ..i am making music with Lee (online that is) as he is an excellent rapper. We wrote eachother once in a while ..but he never mentioned his struggle…until just recently. I was completely flabbergasted …especially because he was still writing lyrics and taking the time to make music with somebody he never met in person.I already knew about monsanto way before..and a while ago they even banned roundup from the stores here in Belgium. I sincerely hope that Lee can win this fight both physically and in court…and that American justice can stand against corporate businesses.You at GG i want to thank for all the work and time you spend writing this extensive and detailed blog….giving me the chance to follow the case. Thank you.With kind Regards

    1. Hi Marc! Thanks so much for your note. I can completely see how talented Lee must be in expressing himself through word and music, which makes it that much more devastating that such a star is struggling because of a corrupt company and his own EPA. I am hopeful that the verdict will be the right one and Lee can move on and fight the cancer with all he’s got!

  2. Thanks so much for doing this. I’m going to put this blog on Nextdoor in Belmont and San Carlos

  3. ANYONE , can seek compensation against Monsanto / Bayer who has used RU and got NHL . They do not need a receipt for proof that they used or bought it or how much they used or bought . ONLY that they say they used it and that they got NHL . BOTH

    That’s the attorneys job and Brent Wisner, Amie wagstaff , Miller Law group, Baum , are the best at what they do .

    If it was as easy as ” show me your receipt ” Justice will not be served because ” the majority ” in my opinion , of homeowners who used it don’t have receipts or proof or can recall exactly how much they used in a given month . But they can surely recall using it many many times over years of use . or less as it only takes a small exposure for some people to be infected to the degree that they got NHL

    If you used if and got some on your skin and didn’t wash it off until the next day , YOU can GET NHL . That’s all it takes folks . Not for everyone obviously and that doesn’t matter either. You can still make a complaint and be part of the team that takes them out . .

    Don’t worry , the majority of americans , so far , on with us against RU once you get the gist of the trials that have proved our case over and over again . You’ll be on the winning team going against Bayer

    You only need to say you used it , and about how much you used it . and you got NHL. Good enough .
    I’m pretty sure any jury will be ok with that , given the rest of the crimes Monsanto committed and Bayers arrogance of ” IT DOESN’T CAUSE CANCER ” to protect their bottom line profits of Billions per year ……. NET INCOME …….not gross.

    Same for Bayer . The synergy of the monsanto purchase added another 1.6 billion net to bayers bottom line . Per year . ( all gone now ) They will file for BK protection . I can already see that coming and that’s exactly where we want them too .

    The military made it easy to seek damages for agent orange . Anyone who served in viet nam or the pacific waters of its coast , or the area it was manufactured in the US , automatically get service connected disability pensions in full with dental medical and a monthly paycheck for life . No lawyers , no attorney needed. It’s already in there VA service and medical records and you are good to go .

    The US gov stopped buying agent orange in 74 and Monsanto started selling ru in 75 as a means of continued growth and profits from its loss of sales to the military.

    SO while RU and agent orange are different chemicals , they do the same things . They are both weed killers and both cause NHL .

    If you say you used it and you can prove you got NHL , That’s all you need in addition to using the law firms that Kelly ( GG ) has listed with links in her blog .

    DO NOT trust other attorneys , ESPECIALLY the ads on TV for RU clients . Some may be legit, but you can’t trust any attorney unless its a referral from the listed attorneys on this BLOG. The first thing Bayer did was try to get all the plaintiffs delayed and stalled or told they dont qualify because of this or that BS.

    There are time limits to file a claim and the fake ( covert ) law firms hired by Bayer will do there best to run the clock out and then say ” oh so sorry ” we can’t help you now . Posing as you attorney.

    My advise ?

    Kennedy Madonna , Wagstaff, Baum, Brent Wisner , Audet or their referrals.

    I’m so glad this is all going down . Its long long over due and it will be their undoing because we are not going to stop when the well runs low. We are going to abolish Monsanto and Bayer 6 feet deep with a tombstone that s reads ” go to hell ”

    Its where they came and its where they belong.

    what a wake up call . !!!!!!

    Lets shut em down ASAP

  4. Hi Kelly !!

    I’m curious . The Johnson trial was the first, but there were other complaints accusing Monsanto’s RU to have caused them NHL but never went to trial . It was a wrongful death complaint due to RU exposure. in 2016

    Was it settled out of court ? or did the judge stand down and dismissed for lack of evidence at that time ?

    I believe there were 3 complaints filed before Johnson that never went to trial and no mention as to why they didn’t .

    Not that it matters now since we have proved it to be what we’ve said all along , I think those individuals who tried and failed be allowed to try again . Unless that is , Monsanto paid them off with a stipulation that no details of the settlements be made public

    Thanks GG and we love your blogs too.

  5. My mother died from NHL and melanoma in 2000. I have been dealing with 4 times relapsed NHL since 2013. NHL has not been proven to be genetically linked. My mother and I both used Roundup. My family moved to a house in Creve Coeur, Mo. in 1958 which was approximately one mile from the huge Monsanto complex. I believe that Monsanto negligently conducted research that lead to poisoning of the ground water that my mother and I were exposed to in our home. There was a small creek I walked thru and I played in across the street. There were many small farms very near to our house and it would not surprise me that Monsanto gave Roundup to try. My mom bought the produce these farmers sold on their small stands on Olive Street Rd. My mom and I both getting NHL seems not to be a coincidence.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear of your NHL at the hands of Monsanto. Over the last two years, I have repeatedly been stunned by the negligence, greed, and disregard for life. Hopefully, the price paid will be large!

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